Food Marketing Network

About Food Marketing Network

Rob Ward also founded the Food Marketing Network.

This has become an international network of food businesses and professionals that can connect, share and learn from one another.

Rob helps food businesses by:

1 – One2One Business Mentoring

The Food Marketing Network focuses on supporting and challenging food business owners on a one-to-one basis.

In the last ten years, Rob has created, built and sold four highly successful food production and retail businesses, providing him with a wealth of experience – but also making a great deal of money. He now invests his time helping other food businesses in learning from his successes (and avoiding his mistakes) in order to fast track their own success via the Food Marketing Network.
Straight talking – All advice is based on real, practical experience.
Original – Rob is renowned for challenging preconceptions and generating new ideas.
Action – Rob can (and will) develop business plans that are useful and focused on getting the work done.

Rob has an international understanding of how to create and build profitable food retail and production businesses.

2 – Food Business Workshops

The Food Marketing Networks Food Business Workshops are a great way for food businesses to spend a day networking with one another and working through their key business challenges. Hosted and led by Rob Ward, these confidential workshops provide an excellent opportunity to develop your business using the experiences and successes of others; whilst also learning what to avoid.

These workshops usually consist of around 10 businesses and take special care to ensure each business is able to gain practical and relevant help for their organisation.

Workshops focus on combining collective coaching for food production and retail businesses.

With the aid of his business experience, Rob is able to work with small groups in workshops that will assist a food business in fulfilling their potential and ultimately enable them to discover untapped profits in their businesses.

These food business workshops are ideal for:

  1.  Start-up food retailers
  2.  Specialty food producers
  3.  Established food businesses looking to develop new products and markets
  4.  Peak performance coaching for established food retailers and producers.

3 – Conference Speaking

Focused on delivering enthusiastic presentations; Rob is able to both challenge and motivate food businesses, specialising in the independent food production and retail sector.

Rob guarantees a lively performance that will combine his numerous business life experiences, with thought provoking insights into the food consumer and how food businesses can optimise their performance.

Relevant conference topics:

  •  Direct marketing skills for regional and specialty food producers
  •  Food retail business development and marketing
  •  Developing entrepreneurial skills in food sector
  •  Internet marketing for food businesses
  •  New product development for specialty food businesses
  •  How to be remarkable? Branding: positioning, packaging, people, place

Industry Sectors:

  • Independent food retail sector
  • Specialty food producers
  • Regional sourcing: supply chain, regional food
  • Garden centres interested in food retail

For more details on booking Rob Ward as a speaker, One-2-One Business Mentoring and Business Development Workshops, please select the Contact Us tab.