About the original concept

More about the original concept

Rob Ward is the founder of MyFoodTrader.com as well as an entrepreneur and international business mentor for the food industry.

Rob has 20 years of experience in food production, distribution and retailing – successfully creating, building and selling four substantial food businesses.

Rob grew up on his family’s farm in Shropshire, England in the UK – which was one of the leading strawberry and raspberry farms in the UK, supplying major supermarkets including M&S, TESCO’s and WAITROSE.

After being featured in a  BBC1 program in 2006, in which he mentored a struggling farming and food retail business, a number of food producers and retailers started to ask Rob to help them in developing their own businesses. Following these requests, Rob went on to build an international advisory business for food producers and retailers.

In 2008, he was awarded a scholarship by the Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust. This involved travelling the world – covering over 120,000 miles. The purpose of this scholarship was to study the latest international opportunities and innovations in the food market.

During this study, Rob discovered one key trend across all the countries he visited: small food businesses are going to be BIG business. Crucially, big food businesses are also going to increasingly try to create a small feel to their business.

“It’s a race to be as intimate as possible, both large and small scale, all food producers and retailers are trying to be the best at appearing to be small (or intimate)”, Rob claims.

The constant challenge for the food industry is: which businesses connect with each other and how should they do so? In a world of accelerating information overload and a rising tide of excessive choice, how can organisations get heard above the roar of competing businesses?

Rob is on a mission to make the process of how food businesses connect together a simpler, more meaningful and affordable experience. This is why he invented MyFoodTrader.com.

Rob felt it was time to find a better way to buy and sell food products and services.